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Sonja Perenda's journey into the magical world of music started with a spontaneous performance in Vienna at the early age of 14 – and her ever-burning passion for performing was born. She started to take musical classes and studied classical singing technique in Vienna.

Besides her musical studies, Sonja toured through Europe and the Middle East with her "Orient meets Occident"-programme consisting of covers of Evergreens from different parts of the world aswell as self-penned songs. Sonja played shows in places such as Austria, Germany, Turkey, Syria, Egypt and Kosovo. She performed in front of the UN-soldiers at the camps in Kosovo and Syria and played shows at major festivals in Austria and Germany.


At the age of 16, Perenda started her special charity concerts: Shows in front of the homeless people and in jails all over Austria and Germany. These special concerts took place until the year 2010 when Sonja entered the recording studio to produce her debut album titled "Time has come":

This record is a blend of big vocal lines, catchy melodies, heavy guitars and classical influences. The album has received amazing reviews from several magazines, including Skope Mag and Ravenheart Magazine, and has received regular airplay on radio stations all over the globe.

In the year 2013 Sonja hooked up with Mr. Tom Shevchuk to write and produce her follow-up release "Winter Eyes". Tom has managed to enroll the services of the brilliant lead guitarist John Slater: John played lead solos on several songs. For the record: John has toured Europe extensively, and after the singer Blaze Bailey did his short two album stint with Iron Maiden, Blaze formed his own band and toured Europe, the US and South America. John Slater was one of his lead guitarists.

"Winter Eyes" was released in 2015 and received many positive reviews from music media, thanks to its blend of - again - big vocal lines, catchy sing-along-melodies, and its mix of Symphonic Rock meeting Blues Rock and even some hints of Jazz Blues. 

Besides all these activities, Sonja graduated from Law School and started working in the Legal business. After being a practising attorney-at-law for five years, she changed into State Administration in the year 2016. This was the time to take a creative break; Working on both careers finally started to take its toll on Sonja's energy levels.

Four busy non-music-related years later, Sonja is finally back into the recording studio, working on her third album. It will be out in 2021 and will be called "The Soul Diaries".

Stay tuned for more news and demo pieces!

"Genre blending is nothing new to the music industry. But some genres appear completely mutually exclusive, seemingly defying the prospect of blending and so diametrically opposed in styles that one would never imagine a marriage of the two. Innovative types tend to see similarities where most of us see only exclusivity. Such is the case with Austrian singer Sonja Perenda, whose blend of classic vocal technique with contemporary rock, has led some to label it “operatic rock.” (Skope Mag)
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